About Us

 OK Market is launched Puneko e-commerce website for Pune City. Now they are deals in 100 % original Branded items of clothing for a Men Category ( Polo t-shirts ). Founded in July 2020, and based in Pune, operates and selling high quality, worthful aspect to our Punekar. We hope, the Punekar will be given back a positive response.


To become Pune City leader by giving all essential products for Punekar by an E-commerce platform in a one-day delivery option


Giving a one-day delivery option for any product in any situation


When I was in college. I observed that everybody want branded cloth but, they could not afford it. They used the 1 st copy article for the option of the branded article. On other hand after the covid pandemic, people are not going outside for shopping like malls, mini-marts. And also they cant make a dense crowd. Hence we decide, deliver the branded article to your doorstep within a one-day delivery option.